Feel Stronger, Confident, and Well!

The Balanced Bod Lifestyle.

BB Philosophy

Working with Cara means more than just

getting in shape: she helps you change your whole lifestyle.

Unlike fad-diets that provide a short-term fix, Cara helps

you make long-term healthy choices. By improving

your physical fitness, changing your eating habits,

and practicing stress and anxiety reduction techniques

you will not only feel and look better but also have the

tools to stay that way!

The BB Lifestyle Focuses on:


Design a workout program that works

Personalized based on your physical needs

Find exercise that is actually enjoyable!


Anxiety and stress reduction techniques

Mindful workouts and nutrition habits

A more positive mindset!


Emphasis on balanced meals

Menu prep and planning


Personalized Coaching Services, from the

Convenience of Home

What do you have to lose?

" After working with Cara for just 5 weeks. I lowered my cholesterol around 100 points! This was so important for my health because my doctor wanted to put me on a statin, now I'm at a low cardiovascular risk. Cara has such a calm approach. She has helped create recipes for me that support my active lifestyle, taste great, and are very nourishing. As a side effect, I've lost 6 pounds and am feeling great! I love having Cara's support because I find this health thing to be difficult to do on my own. I would recommend Cara to anyone!"

-Jessie Brown

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